Monday, October 12, 2009

Getting Ready for Globetrotting Baby

In case you haven't moved over to the new and improved Globetrotting Bride (new address is, just thought I'd post a little update here. And if you aren't signed up for the RSS feed, please update your feed to

Hi ladies (and Grumpy Groom),

Just a quick update to let you know I’ll be taking a little time off after the Globetrotting Baby arrives. The due date is October 23 but you never know…I’m pretty much ready like now. Here’s my week 37 belly shot:


But don’t fret, I’ll keep you entertained with some of my favorite posts, Tips from the Pros and some great guest posts. And, if you’ve ever wanted to do a guest post, now’s your chance! Just drop me an email at and tell me your ideas.


FireFlyNad said...

You look fabulous, we look forward to your new addition.

Kim Collier said...

Dear Globetrotting Bride -

CONGRATULATIONS on your beautiful baby en route to Globetrot with you
and yours! I absolutely love being pregnant, and now adore our two beautiful girls, now both blossoming young ladies...

Thank you, in advance, for considering the JAMU blog from Shari Mycek, Spa Writer. The Javanese Lulur is the ultimate bridal ritual, originating from 17th century palace tradition of Central Java, Indonesia. Will send an email to you with additional detail.

If you would like to try some organic massage oils from JAMU, just let us know.


Kim Collier
Founder, JAMU Asian Spa Rituals

If you would like to try some organic massage oils from JAMU, just let us know.

Kirsten Leigh Kuehn said...


Joanne said...

nice hoping im gonna look good on this once i get my lace front wigs i ordered the other day

Peter said...

i love the dress! yes you are ready to travel the world! But take care of airport fence

Peter said...

This is such a cool site. globetrotting is such a good son gift..

Angela said...

Congrats! Hope to read more from you after your baby break

Safari Holidays said...

You look radiant! Congratulations on your forthcoming family addition!

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