Thursday, February 19, 2009

Honeymoon packing tip #6 - Give your bras and panties a safe home

Here's another one of those things you didn't know you needed...invented by necessity of course.

I introduce you to the amazing duo: the Bra Bag and Panty Pak from the Brag Company.

(And no, this is not a photo of me and my friends...)

The Bra Bag (in regular and buxom) safely protects up to six bras in a durable, yet cute hard case that will surely make any customs officer blush. Best of all, no more dented bras or bent underwires.

The Panty Pak is a lightweight tote with two zippered compartments labeled "clean" and "not so clean" and exterior pockets.

I took them for a test drive on a recent trip to Miami and I was very impressed. Here we are:

The only downside is you need to save a little extra space in your luggage for the Bra Bag. I think they would also be a great way to transport bikinis.

If you're looking for great gift idea for a bride-to-be or a cute bridesmaid present, check them out online or click here to find them at a store near you.


Sarah said...

Oh how fun. I just always toss mine in my bag. I suppose I should be a bit more careful.

jen said...

How ingenius! There's a definite chance this would stop airport security going through your knickers! They're so cute as well! x

Amanda B. Young said...

Super cute idea! I love the idea of giving it as a bridesmaid or bridal shower gift -- you'd be sure to give them something they can't possibly already own!

AmyJean said...

How cute!

Elegant Myra said...

Have to say, your underwear will never suffer from a self esteem problem. This duo will really make them feel important and adorable.

Ellen said...

I must say, that is one fancy way to transport dirty underwear!!! But, yes, cute.

Anonymous said...

This is a brilliant idea! My bras are always getting smooshed.

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious...I must have one! :)

Julie Ann said...

these are adorable and funny! i'm a big-time traveler and this would definitely come in handy!