Wednesday, February 25, 2009

If only I could invent nail polish color names...

When I went for my Valentine's mani/pedi, I spotted this cute OPI Nail Lacquer display. Their spring/summer line is named after South Beach, one of my favorite spots (be on the lookout for my recent trip review).

The colors all have great nail polish names and I think they'd be fun for a tropical honeymoon or bachelorette trip.

I think my toes will look great in these shades:

- OPI on Collins Ave.

- Party in My Cabana
- Miami Beet

- Done Out in Deco

For my fingers, I'll go with:

- Suzi & the Lifeguard
- Sand in My Suit

In case you're still in the fall/winter mode, check out their Paris inspired colors.


Anonymous said...

I am wearing Conga Line Coral as we speak! :) It's helping me to fight the rain and snow that are on its way.

jane in the waiting line said...

I have the first three up there and can't wait to get more. I am wearing two of the them as we speak (nails and toes!)

Anonymous said...

I want to try "sand in my suit" on my fingers.


Anonymous said...

OPI's polish names always make me laugh! I am still hung up on the previous, previous batch of Russian colors. Suzi Says Dah! is one of my favs.