Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Honeymoon packing tip #8 - Recession friendly travel kits

Some favorite beauty on the go options for your carry on....

Option 1:

Boots Botanics Face Pamper Kit ($10.99)
Boots Botanics is one of my favorite brands at Target and this kit has everything you need to keep your face happy on the road: Quenching Face Mask, Day Moisture Lotion, Skin Brightening Deep Clean Gel, Skin Brightening Toner and Night Moisture Cream.

Option 2:

Bliss Sinkside Six-Pack ($25)
Who doesn't love a little Bliss in their life? If you've ever stayed at a W hotel, you know these Lemon + Sage goodies: Lemon + Sage Soapy Sap, Foaming Face Wash, Supershine Shampoo, Conditioning Rinse, Soap Slab, Body Butter and a clear, reusable tote.


Kosmopolight said...

Love this. You never know what products are going to be available at your hotel (will they have lotion, conditioner?) so it's great to have a little tote with all your travel-sized needs. And you can't go wrong with bliss products :)

Amanda B. Young said...

I looove Bliss. No idea that they had such a cute travel set though -- that's fantastic!

Ellen said...

I [heart] Bliss, too. I'm using their Lemon Pepper body lotion right now.