Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Chic Recession Friendly Party Tips

If you're throwing a New Year's Eve fete tonight, here are some last minute tips from famed party planner David Tutura. Keep them filed away since they can be used for engagement parties, bridal showers and weddings too!

Tip #1 - Create a Sexy Centerpiece

David's "Cocktail" Centerpiece is an easy, budget friendly and chic idea. Create a "Drink Glass Runner" on a shimmery linen. Gather every stemmed glass you own (martini, wine, champagne) and place them down the center of the table. Add water and drops of pink (or your favorite color) food coloring in varying amounts and top with floating votive candles.

Tip #2 - It's Not What You Serve, It's How You Serve It

Make your party food festive and impressive by dressing up the serving containers. Serve soup in shot glasses and salads or side dishes in martini glasses with either shrimp forks or fancy chopsticks.

Tip #3 - Signature Cocktails Make a Party Unique

Save money by offering sexy signature cocktails in place of a full bar. Color coordinated drinks add a festive look to any party. Try The Ball Drop (below) or
a Midnight Kiss at your next party.

- 3 oz. NUVO Sparkling Liqueur

- 1 oz. Ciroc

- Add a frozen sorbet ball garnish

- Serve in a martini glass

Happy New Year everyone!!!

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Aunt Gussie said...

Ball Drop is a great name for a New Year's Eve Cocktail. How will I ever remember it though?