Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Top five personalized gifts for couples

With a name like Lyla, I grew up never finding my name in the key chain display at Spencer's. Needless to say, I'm loving these personalized picks for couples with pricing from coach to first-class.

1) I heart tote bags and T's from
Dahl & Dane (starting at $15 each when you order 5 or more)

2) Paperwink return address stamps and notecards in oh so cool designs (starting at $18). I love the Airmail and Telegram designs.

3) Panties from
Blume (starting at $22). Notice the little bling on hers?

4) Brookstone's Personalized Cape Cod Folding Beach Chair ($150) in green, red, blue or yellow. Perfect for your next beach vacation.

5) Bella Lino monogramed bed linens and pillows with more than 100 embroidery colors ($86 - $484). I once had a boss who said, "Dream big or go home." I think these would help anyone dream big.


Allison said...

I love the monogram pillows.

Ellen said...

Not sure Daveypoo would fit in the chair

Anonymous said...

The stamps and notecards from Paperwink are totally cute and are fun holiday gifts! Love those retro designs too!

Kristy Hall said...

I'm a huge fan of monogrammed bed linens. They're beautiful!