Monday, April 6, 2009

Need groomsmen gift ideas? For your guys only....

Is your fiance still looking for groomsmen gift ideas?

Cufflinks are a classic choice but I think these vintage subway token cufflinks from Etsy's QA Create add a nice personal touch.

Did they go to school in Boston together? Go for these:

Are you getting married in the Big Apple? Here you go:

Is someone from the Windy City?

And finally, for the Californians....

Best of all, I think they they are a real steal at just $20-30 each.


AmyJean said...

Those are very cool! :)

The Flying Pinto said...

I love this idea! I really love the Boston T cuff that city!

gangsta bride said...

I love em. They are such a great idea.


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What a great idea! Trash to Treasure is always a good thing!