Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mile High Must Have Accessories!

With all the gadgets you need to keep entertained in-flight, here are some must-have accessories to bring along on your next trip!

The Mile High Charger

Suppose your boyfriend proposes during the flight, you'll want your cell phone to be fully charged the minute you land so you can call all your girlfriends. This trusty little battery operated charger works on Blackberry, Motorola, Nokia and Samsung phones.

The Rockstar Headphone Splitter

Because one iPod is sometimes better than two. What better way to pick a First Dance Song than to listen together? Also great for sharing DVD players.

The Solio Hybrid Charger

Flying during the day? Got a window seat? Use this handy "Hybrid" charger and you'll be juiced up for the entire flight! Absorbs power from the sun (and also from a wall socket) to charge all your phones, iPods, digital cameras, laptops, etc. Also great for workaholics on the beach!


Sweetnothin' said...

oh..am loving that little phone charger thingy. my phone is always dead and i sure wouldnt want my girlfriends to miss out my happy moments.

SohoCindy said...

I love any product that starts with "mile high!"

Julia said...

those charger ideas are brilliant! could be good Dave christmas pressies...

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

ok, the charger is SUPER cool.