Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm leaving on a jet plane. Are you?

I'll be heading over to Sedona, Arizona next week so be sure to stay tuned for my destination wedding and honeymoon report. I think those Red Rocks would be an amazing wedding backdrop! If there are any spots you want me to check out, just let me know.

Here's a little secret, I've yet to find the suitcase of my dreams! My current favorite is showing some big signs of wear and tear but I think it will survive a few last trips.

Here are some of my luggage contenders in case you're looking for a brand new bag. And, this luggage store offers free shipping on orders over $100.

Tumi T-Tech Adventure Large Wheeled Duffel - The Globetrotting Groom is a big Tumi fan and I love anything blue. I think this could squish under my bed for storage.

This Zero Halliburton Z-Flex piece looks pretty indestructible and I love that it expands (always a welcome feature for shopaholics).

Last but not least, the Delsey Helium Hyperlite bag. This one is also expandable and at just 9 pounds, I can stuff it with 41 pounds of clothes!

If you're registering, think about adding some designer luggage to your list. I think it makes a great gift.


Red Rock TV said...

Hope you enjoy your time in Sedona! I got married here too and yes, it is a beautiful destination wedding spot. Makes for incredible photos. If you want to learn more about Sedona Weddings, we have a great video website with a category devoted entirely to Sedona weddings on http://www.sedona.tv. Let me know what you think of it. Also, if you need any ideas on wedding locations and/or venues feel free to tweet me @SedonaTV or email me Megan@Redrocktv.com and I'm happy to help. We're happy to have you here in Sedona! Just DM us with your tweets about your time here & we'll RT!

melissa said...

Have fun in Sedona. It is over 100 degrees in Phoenix today - so drink plenty of water!

You stopped by my blog the other day. We got married at Red Rock Crossing at Crescent Moon Picnic Area. It is a very popular wedding spot. We saw 4 other couples either having ceremonies or taking pictures the day we got married. And that was on a Thursday!

Julia said...

Have a great trip! I like the top image you posted, it's closest to being a pack, and I am definitely a back pack girl. However, I have not yet travelled in (hopefully) luxury to our honeymoon destination. And I'm fairly sure I'm going to want a proper suitcase then!

Bridechka said...

Have fun!