Thursday, May 28, 2009

Have you scanned any travel experiences on your bridal registry lately?

Here's a great bridal registry idea for Globetrotting Brides and Grooms!

Hyatt Hotels & Resorts has launched the Hyatt Gift Registry, where couples can register online for a host of amenities, services and accommodations at Hyatt hotels and resorts worldwide - think tropical honeymoon, destination wedding, spa treatments, scuba diving, golf lessons, romantic dinners, wine tasting, etc. Much more exciting than toasters or china if you ask me.

Guests make a contribution towards Hyatt Gift Cards (redeemable at Hyatts in the U.S., Canada and Caribbean) or Hyatt Check Certificates™ (redeemable at Hyatts worldwide). Best of all, there are no expiration dates or blackout dates so any extra honeymoon credits can go towards future vacations - think anniversary trips, romantic weekends, babymoons, etc.

Just like traditional registries, you can sneak a peek as the gifts arrive and you'll also get an email notification so you can confirm your honeymoon activities. It's an ideal option for any couple and I can guarantee your groom's eyes won't glaze over when you're selecting spa treatments.

And if you're planning a destination wedding, couples who wed at a participating Hyatt property (in the U.S., Canada, Cancun, Mexico or Aruba) by June 30, 2010 will receive up to five complimentary nights towards their honeymoon.

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