Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Groom's Week: What to get the guy who has everything???

Traditionally, the bride gives her groom a wedding present but what if your guy is one of those guys who have it all????

Here are a few unique gift ideas for grooms....

1) Is he the nautical, coin collector type? If so, check out these El Cazador Shipwreck cuff links from Arca Fine Coin Jewelry (call for details) ($795).

2) Is he the political type? Maybe he needs a Jorg Gray 6500 watch ($325) like President Obama!

3) Is he a cigar aficionado? Why not personalize this
Not Just Any Old Day sterling silver cigar tube ($398) with your wedding date?


Anonymous said...

I love ARCA coin jewels! A perfect gift for a Groom or his Groomsman!!
Thanks for the great find!

Pamela said...

How cool is that cigar holder! I know my groom would love it.