Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Looking to incorporate an Indian twist into your wedding?

Love the thought of your very own Monsoon Wedding? If you want to add some exotic Indian wedding traditions into your festivities, here are some ideas:

- You could wear a colorful sari to your rehearsal dinner.

- You could incorporate vibrant Indian colors and fabrics in your decor.

- You could have a Mendhi ceremony where brides are intricately decorated with henna "temporary tatoos" pre-wedding. My sister and I had this done on a recent family trip to Texas:

- Or if you're not sure you want to commit to the Mendhi on your body, why not incorporate it into your cake? Just check out this this cake that incorporated this lovely tradition from Lazy Bride.


honey my heart said...

a sari is so beautiful :)

Belle said...

I'm loving all the shades of pink! Gorgeous!

Fete said...

love the details in indian paisley patterns..

david swensen said...

I love the details of your mendhi, incorporating it on the cake design is a great idea, thanks!

custom made wedding dress said...

Indian marriages are more enjoyable as compare as others..the reason might be all lots program in the Indian marriages starts from the mendhi,dancing etc...upto the marriage.

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