Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Most Amazing Wedding Video Ever!!

I'll admit to being a little biased here since it happens to be the highlights reel from our wedding!

Picking a videographer was a tough choice for us. We wanted something classic yet modern, with fabulous music, ingenious editing and award-winning style! In addition, the Globetrotting Groom wanted the latest high-tech filming techniques so the video would look fabulous on his Apple TV and HDTV set up. We had looked at hundreds of wedding videos but when we met with Joe from J.P.I Films, we knew he was the one.

The J.P.I Films crew was super professional, totally unobtrusive and fun to have around (future brides, this is important!). If you're still searching for a videographer (FYI, they will travel outside NY), I highly, highly recommend them.

Hot off the press, I present you with J.P.I Video's latest masterpiece, Lyla and David's Highlights reel:

Lyla and David's Highlight Reel from J.P.I. Films on Vimeo.


Missy B said...

Wow that is just stunning! Looks like a beautiful day too.

Bridechka said...

Fantastic! I will have to look into using them :)

Anonymous said...

That was wonderful. Having a slowly panning camera instead of still shots made it feel real and fluid. Great!

Elegant Myra said...

How could you not enjoy that video clip. It was perfectly done. Even a stranger could enjoy watching that.

jacqueline said...

You should make a how-to video of how to plan a gorgeous wedding.